Robert (Bob) Wetzel is an artist known for his unique and electric style. He has proven his talent as a glassmaker, painter, sculptor, and as a hot rod creator. He has experience with a wide variety of artistic mediums including bondo, egg tempera, oils, watercolors, wood, stainless steel, stained glass and aluminum just to name a few. The size of his artwork varies from the tiny details on a glass cup plate to extremely large stainless steel lawn sculptures.

Bob started a glass company, called R. Wetzel Glass making cup plates, figurines, and paperweights. His unique style is mentioned in several glass collector books as well as in a documentary that was filmed and aired on PBS. With no formal training in glassmaking, Bob learned and developed his glasswork on his own and even traveled to Scotland to learn more glass making techniques. His business has since closed but his work is a rare find that is sought out and collected by many.

As an artist he is not afraid to experiment with color and shape. His artworks are whimsical and often practical at the same time. For example, a solid stainless steel rabbit may also double as a pencil holder or a 1933 Willys Coupe hot rod built from scratch from the ground up may also double as a really cool way to get around town. His artwork will make you laugh and marvel, “how did he do that?” or “how did he think of that?”

Bob Wetzel has lived in Zanesville, Ohio all his life. He has worked for Anchor Glass Container as a journeyman mould maker for 41 years. He makes his moulds for glass jars and bottles. Bob and his wife Vicki have three daughters, three sons-in-laws and four grandchildren. His love for his life and family comes across in his artwork as a good belly laugh or a little giggle.